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Diversified Capital Management

Diversified Capital Management Moves to Washington Square in Syracuse

Diversified Capital Management has relocated to 333 West Washington Street, Syracuse, NY 13202, 5th floor. The organization's move is in tandem with the relocation of Bowers CPAs & Advisors.

“Having been based in the Equitable Towers since 2004, our growth and evolving needs have necessitated this move to Washington Square, which provides a more expansive and contemporary workspace for our team,” said Co-Managing Partner Carl Austin.

“The new office space has more meeting rooms for client and team interactions,” Co-Managing Partner Michael D'Avirro added. “It also significantly expands our training space, which is key in maintaining our staff recruiting, retention, and client service objectives."

The strategic decision to relocate aligns seamlessly with Bowers' long-term vision and commitment to employees' professional development. The new office, situated in the Armory district, offers a larger footprint, and ensures that all operations are consolidated on a single floor for enhanced collaboration and operational efficiency.

Additionally, the Armory district's vibrant surroundings provide employees access to significant retail and dining options, fostering a dynamic work environment, and offering valuable networking opportunities. The new location boasts convenient access to major highways, ensuring ease of travel for both clients and associates.

Collaborative and Accessible New Workspace

A primary focus of this relocation has been to create a workspace that prioritizes staff development and well-being. The entire fifth floor has been meticulously redesigned, featuring state-of-the-art ergonomic furniture, abundant natural lighting, and improved HVAC systems. These enhancements contribute to a healthier and more efficient working environment, aligning with Bowers' commitment to sustainable practices, as evidenced by our LEED-certified building.

Furthermore, the relocation facilitates safe and secure parking options adjacent to the new office location and ample street parking. Proximity to various downtown institutions, including banks, insurance companies, and law firms, enhances the accessibility of the new location.

Positioned for Future Growth and Expansion

The investment in the new office space reflects the firm's dedication to fostering a positive in-office experience. The increased space accommodates current needs and positions the CPA firm for future growth and expansion. The additional meeting rooms provide a conducive environment for client interactions and team collaborations, reinforcing the collaborative culture integral to our success.

The move to Washington Square signifies a pivotal moment for Bowers CPAs & Advisors.

"As we transition to this sophisticated and purpose-designed workspace, we look forward to continued growth, productivity, and service excellence," Austin said. "We are confident that this relocation will meet our current requirements and position us for sustained success in the coming years."

"We are grateful to our team for their commitment and hard work, and we are excited about the opportunities our new office will bring," D'Avirro concluded.