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ETFidea, LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor, was formed in 2001 in order to bring to the investing public a low cost and tax efficient alternative to the more traditional mutual fund wrap programs. 

Our mission is to build cost effective and diversified portfolios for our clients utilizing exchange traded funds. We take into account each client's risk tolerance level and time horizons so that we then can build that client a customized portfolio that we believe, over time, will outperform a similar portfolio of actively managed mutual funds. 

Fees are asset based and can vary depending on assets held in the ETFidea, LLC account. There are no sales charges or commissions charged for buying or selling securities held in your ETFidea, LLC account. We think that you'll find this cost structure competitive, especially when combined with some of the lowest internal fees in the industry today.


The portfolios that we create for our clients utilize well in excess of 1000 ETFs in existence today, as well as other investment vehicles. In addition to these funds, we are constantly researching and evaluating new ETFs, the financial markets and the economy to consistently provide what we feel is the best portfolio management available.

The process is simple but thorough:

First we work with you to understand your goals, then we analyze the financial holdings (that's all of the stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bank accounts and other assets you may have) to see if your investments are allocated in a manner that makes sense for you and your life circumstances. Are you taking too much risk? Paying too much in fees? Are these investments likely to get you where you want to be? We can help you answer these questions.

After our initial consultation, we will custom design a portfolio just for you and with your permission we will implement the chosen financial strategies for you.

Get on track. Stay on track.

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* The annual management fees of iShares may be substantially less than those of most mutual funds. iShares transactions will result in brokerage commissions, but the savings from lower annual fees can help offset these costs. Source: Morningstar, BGI analysis, 3/04