About Us


Diversified Capital Management, LLC, offers a variety of financial products and services, all from leading carriers who meet our strict criteria. We also provide a broad portfolio of load and no-load mutual funds, annuities and professional managed asset programs.

You will learn about your current financial situation with the help of a flexible, focused, and long-term financial model.  Without a model, you aren't planning, you are guessing. We work with highly sophisticated software that allows us to create an individualized financial condition model for you. This model will reveal the long-term adequacy of your current financial resource and plans. It will measure the impact of future changes in your personal or family situation, your asset values, your taxes and even  inflation. We will also complete a comparative analysis of planning strategies you may be considering or already may have in place.

No matter what the circumstances, no matter what the challenge, Diversified Capital Management, LLC, will do whatever it takes to help our clients put their personal and business affairs in the best possible order. Diversified Capital Management, LLC, will commit the time and resources necessary to put in place a prudent investment strategy.



Our advisors pride themselves on being stewards to you, our clients.

The first step in our approach is understanding your needs and defining the scope of the relationship.  Though we prefer to use a holistic approach to financial planning, you can limit the relationship to a specific need, account management, or financial review.  This step is conversational in nature and focuses on your goals, plans, desires and needs.

This will result in a prioritized list of objectives for our relationship.  The second step is to gather all relevant information to provide the most accurate advice. 

The gathered information is analyzed and evaluated with respect to your objectives.  This includes reviewing the current course of actions, alternative courses of actions, and evaluating how each action affects achieving your goals.  Alternatives are evaluated on multiple factors including overall cost (fees and expenses), performance, tax liability, liquidity, and your input.